Classrooms - Hebrew and Judaics


I am המורה  (the teacher) Rina Thau, and I am delighted to be part of Hillel’s faculty.  This year we will be learning עברית (Hebrew) using an exciting new system: the TalAM – Hebrew and Heritage Curriculum.  The idea behind the program is to expose the students to Hebrew through a variety of activities, utilizing each of the five senses.  We intend to immerge the students in an entirely-Hebrew environment: everything from the posters on the wall, to songs, games, and of course, conversation will attempt to be done solely in Hebrew.

Given the above innovative approach to learning Hebrew we anticipate this year to be an exciting and fruitful one at Hillel for both students, teachers, and of course parents. 

להתראות (good bye),

Rina Thau





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